You never know where true love will find you. Check out Megan & Austin’s Fox Hills wedding story below or listen to their story now.

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Megan & Austin’s Story

Once up on a time, two high school kids, looking for summer jobs, found more than some extra spending money.

At 16, Megan wanted to find a job to make a little money to save up for a car, and college, but also for prom and fun stuff.  With a big family at home – Megan is a triplet! – she was excited to find out she had landed a job at Fox Hills Resort, so she wouldn’t spend the summer sitting at home.  Megan’s friend had gotten a job there too, and they made plans to attend orientation day together the following week.

Meanwhile, Austin found that he too had gotten a position at Fox Hills Resort, and when Human Resources gave him the instructions for that week’s orientation, he was a little nervous.  This was Austin’s first job, and at 16, he knew he’d have a lot to learn, but he was excited to have the chance to work and squirrel away some cash for a truck too.

While both Megan and Austin had grown up within 15 minutes of Mishicot, and Fox Hills Resort, they had never met, and they certainly had no idea of what was to come.

On orientation day, all of the new staff met in the lower level of the resort, and found their seats.  Sitting between Megan and her friend, Austin immediately liked Megan’s smile and laugh.  Megan noticed that even though it was Austin’s first job too, he knew the answers to her questions about how to fill out the new hire paperwork, and she thought he was smart.  When orientation was over, Austin noticed Megan get into a nice, white, pick up truck, and he was impressed.

Working in the same department gave Megan and Austin the chance to get to know each other.  They also  started hanging out after school, and got to know each other’s friends and families.  Before long, Austin asked Megan out on a date.  She loved his funny sense of humor, and he loved her outgoing personality and her laugh.

As the years went on, Megan and Austin fell in love, and became inseparable.  While life changed for them with graduations,  new jobs, and new homes – they were still together through it all, and couldn’t imagine life without the other one.

Life was good, but Austin couldn’t help but think about the future…………

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True Love

A wedding is a big deal.  Not only are you making a life-long commitment to the one you love, you’re hosting the biggest party you’ll ever throw!  While it’s easy to get caught up in the details,  what you and your guests will remember most is the way you felt while enjoying your special day.  Fox Hills Resort is your partner in planning!  From choosing a date, to finding the perfect vendors, and creating a weekend your friends and family won’t soon forget, we’ve got you covered.  Our experienced staff is here to help each step of the way.

Like most couples, Megan and Austin’s wedding journey began with choosing their date.  We recommend booking your date with us as soon as possible, as we book out more than a year in advance.  Saturday weddings are very popular, but consider Friday and Sunday too, as the incentives on those days can really boost your budget!

Speaking of budget, talking about what you feel comfortable spending for your wedding is sometimes a couples first big money conversation and a good one to have early on in the planning process.  Don’t think of a budget as limiting – some of the most beautiful weddings we’ve seen have been within budget.  Whatever your budget, you’ll appreciate that our experienced staff provides a pricing proposal during the booking process to make budgeting easier.

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Our Wedding Specialists are available to book your event or answer questions. Call Heather at 920.755.3640 or Taylor at 920.755.3645 for more information.

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